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Supporting Gainful Employment of ESRD Patients QIA

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Why Promote Gainful Employment?

Working promotes improved quality of life for patients and increases patient positivity by:

  • Creating routines 
  • Maintaining a healthy lifestyle 
  • Boosting self-esteem
  • Increasing:
    • Income
    • Independence
  • Promoting a sense of purpose
  • Enhancing social interaction
  • Reducing risk for depression

QIA Goals

The goals of the Supporting Gainful Employment for End Stage Renal Disease (ESRD) Patients Quality Improvement Activity (QIA) include:

  • Screening and monitoring 100% of the eligible-patient population for interest in Employment Network (EN) or Vocational Rehabilitation (VR) program participation. 
  • Increasing the number of eligible patients referred to EN or VR programs by at least 50% from the baseline rate.
  • Increasing the number of eligible patients receiving EN or VR services by at least 1% of the denominator population from the baseline.
  • Achieving at least 10 referrals to EN and/or VR programs for patients between the ages of 55–64.

For an overview of the QIA's goals, inclusion criteria, interventions, reporting requirements, best practices and more, view the 2019 Support Gainful Employment QIA orientation webinar.


2020 VR QIA Orientation Webinar (PDF)
For an overview of Support Gianful Employment QIA goals, inclusion criteria, interventions, reporting requirements, best practices, and more, view the 2020 Support Gainful QIA Orientation Webinar slide deck.

Debunking the Three Biggest Myths About Disability Benefits and Work (PDF)
This informational flyer dispels common myths about how working affects disability benefits and healthcare coverage. 

Getting Back to Me: A Goal-Setting Journey (PDF)
Use this workbook to help patients identify personal goals and set a plan to achieve them. This resource was developed by kidney patients and family members, designed to help restore a sense of dignity and increase self-esteem through goal setting.

Peter’s Success Story
This tool highlights a Ticket to Work success story that can be downloaded and printed for:

  • Patients who are interested in VR and/or Ticket to Work.
  • Use in creating a facility information bulletin board.
  • Hosting a VR Lobby Day.

Ticket to Work Marketing Materials
Use this toolkit to:

  • Create an informational VR bulletin board.
  • Help plan and host a Lobby Day in your facility.
  • Locate and download additional resources for your interested patients, including videos.

Ticket to Work Incentives Seminar Events (WISE) 
This website hosts a schedule of seminars that can be viewed on demand to learn more about Social Security’s Ticket to Work programs and understand the resources available to patients

Support Gainful Employment and CROWNWeb Reporting (PDF)
Use this step-by step instructional tool as an aid for reporting Vocational Rehabilitation and Employment Network activities in CROWNWeb.

Support Gainful Employment Tracker (XLSX)
Use this tracking and monitoring tool to accurately track and monitor patients' VR and/or EN status and activities.

Quality Assessment and Performance Improvement (QAPI) Quality Improvement Activity (QIA) Monitoring Form
Use the Quality Assessment and Performance Improvement (QAPI) Quality Improvement Activity (QIA) Monitoring Form for tracking the number of VR-/EN-eligible, screened, referred and service-receiving patients and for discussion of progress toward goals during QAPI meetings.

Top Tips for Engaging Patients and Hosting a Successful Vocational Rehabilitation (VR) and Employment Network (EN) Lobby Day
A one-page tool providing practical advice for organizing and hosting a productive and successful Lobby Day.

Interested in Returning to Work or School? Did you know...
A one-page resource for patients that summarizes the benefits of VN and ER services and offers the patient perspective on returning to work and VR.

Could You Be Ready for Work or School? 
This one-page resource helps patients determine if they are ready to go back to school or work.