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Patient with Doctor Hispanic Senior Couple

These resources can be used to educate patients and staff regarding building a culture of safety in which patients do not fear retaliation:

  • Retaliation for Filing Grievances—Does It Exist? Tip Sheet and Team Activity (Network 15) (PDF)
  • Universal Behavior Precautions—PowerPoint
    • This PowerPoint presentation:
      • Helps facilities to recognize situations that impact potential verbal and physical abuse by a patient or visitor toward staff.
      • Provides tools to help facilities de-escalate potentially volatile situations.
  • Why Am I Cold—Poster
    • This poster addresses some of the reasons patients may feel cold during treatment, ways they can deal with that, and recommends that staff be informed if the patient is uncomfortable.
  • Why Am I Cold—Brochure
    • This brochure addresses the reasons patients may feel cold during their treatment and some ways they can deal with that.  
  • Building Trust—Patient Tip Sheet
    • This document provides tips for building patient-staff trust. 
  • This is short Retaliation Team Activity asks the question, "Do patients think differently than staff do about the issue of retaliation?"