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Involuntary Discharge (IVD) Guidelines and Checklist

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Use these guidelines and IVD checklist when considering IVD for one of your patients. The checklist must be completed and returned to the Network within two business days of an IVD being completed.

The Network frequently receives calls regarding the process of involuntarily discharging a patient. It is important first to note that involuntary discharge (IVD) should be an option of last resort. Additionally, discharging a patient for "non-compliance" is not an acceptable reason for discharge per the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) Conditions for Coverage. Patients who are non-compliant are at higher risk for morbidity and mortality.

Before considering an IVD, the facility interdisciplinary team (IDT) should conduct a thorough assessment of the situation and develop a plan to address any problems or barriers the patient may be experiencing. In the event that all options have been exhausted, the Network has several recommendations for the IVD process provided in the guidelines offered in the document below. An IVD Checklist is also included detailing the required steps to use for your facility. Please select your region below.

Network 7—Guidelines and Checklist (PDF)

Network 13—Guidelines and Checklist (PDF)

Network 15—Guidelines and Checklist (PDF)

Network 17—Guidelines and Checklist (PDF)

Network 18—Guidelines and Checklist (PDF)