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Meet the Team Leads

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Kyle N. Campbell, PharmD, MS
Vice President, Healthcare Policy and Quality Measurement

Dr. Campbell oversees national projects related to quality measure development, healthcare policy and evaluation, and medication safety. His experience includes developing and maintaining clinical quality measures for use in Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) quality programs, advising on national policy related to measure development, designing and implementing quality improvement interventions, and overseeing research studies related to medication safety. He has led and participated in several large contracts with CMS that resulted in National Quality Forum endorsement of multiple performance measures related to medication management, adverse drug events, and behavioral health. Dr. Campbell currently directs Measure & Instrument Development and Support (MIDS) tasks related to the National Impact Assessment of CMS Quality and Efficiency Measures. In this role, he also oversaw the development of the CMS Quality Measure Development Plan (MDP) and accompanying MDP Annual Reports, as well as the development of the Quality Measure Index (QMI), a novel tool to assess quality measures. He has been invited to speak at numerous national conferences on quality measure development and has served on national expert panels related to both measure development and medication safety. Dr. Campbell earned his pharmacy degree from the University of Florida and his Master’s degree from the University of South Florida.

Under Dr. Campbell’s supervision, the following team leads manage staff activities for contracts with CMS and other clients:

Kendra Hanley, MS, BA
Executive Director

Ms. Hanley is a nationally recognized expert with 15 years of experience in the development and specification of clinical quality measures, with an emphasis on electronic clinical quality measures, or eCQMs. Currently at HSAG, she leads a multidisciplinary team investigating the impact of quality measures in CMS reporting programs and developing the triennial Impact Assessment Report. She is the team’s key liaison with CMS and directs project management, research, and analytic activities, including acquisition of large, complex datasets; analytic methodology; data analysis; and reporting. For the past four years, she led a team responsible for the CMS Quality Measure Development Plan (MDP) project, which is mandated by the Medicare Access and CHIP Reauthorization Act of 2015 (MACRA). She also has served as an eCQM subject matter expert for the Hospital Inpatient Value, Incentives, and Quality Reporting (VIQR) Outreach and Education Support Contract. Ms. Hanley has served on national committees examining methodological issues related to eCQMs. She participates in many of the national consensus-based initiatives to maintain and evolve the technology standards used in eCQMs and has a thorough understanding of quality improvement and measure specification methodologies. Prior to joining HSAG, Ms. Hanley was Director, Measure Specification Operations, for the PCPI® (formerly the AMA-convened Physician Consortium for Performance Improvement), where she managed the team responsible for all aspects of specification development and maintenance for quality measures developed by the PCPI, including their use in federal quality reporting programs such as the Physician Quality Reporting System and the CMS Electronic Health Record Incentive Program for Eligible Professionals. Previously Ms. Hanley managed the submission of inpatient quality measure data for three acute care facilities in the Chicago area. Ms. Hanley has a Master of Science degree in Health Systems Management from Rush University in Chicago, IL.

Megan Keenan, MPH
Executive Director

Ms. Keenan has eight years of experience managing and coordinating complex projects that focus on measure development, public reporting of quality data, stakeholder engagement, and evaluating the impact of socioeconomic status on patient outcomes. She currently manages measure development and testing projects to support organizations preparing quality measures for use in registries and CMS programs. She also assists with the development of manuscripts summarizing novel findings from CMS-funded measure development projects for publication in peer-reviewed journals. From 2015 to 2019, she directed the CMS Inpatient Psychiatric Facility Outcome and Process Measure Development and Maintenance Task Order under contract to CMS. The project resulted in the public reporting of three quality measures and development of six new quality measures, three of which were submitted to the National Quality Forum and subsequently endorsed.  Prior to joining HSAG, Ms. Keenan provided similar expertise for the development and maintenance of quality measures for acute care facilities as a Project Manager at the Yale Center for Outcomes Research and Evaluation (CORE). She holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Biochemistry from Northeastern University and a Master’s degree in Health Policy and Administration from the Yale School of Public Health.

Carolyn M. Lockwood, MSN, RN
Director, Clinical Quality Measures

Ms. Lockwood is a Director of Clinical Quality Measures on the Impact Assessment of CMS Quality and Efficiency Measures contract, for which HSAG produces the CMS Measure Development Plan Annual Report. She leads a team developing the Quality Measure Index, a quantitative tool to assess quality measures. She also conducts environmental scans and contributes clinical insight related to healthcare providers. Previously she served on a team that developed quality measures for the Quality Payment Program. Ms. Lockwood oversaw submission of measures to the National Quality Forum and reviewed research for annual measure updates. She also has conducted workflow assessments within physician practices to determine the feasibility of proposed measures, collaborated with healthcare facilities to optimize use of electronic health records, submitted quality measure data and reviewed related reports, and designed internal quality measures to capture data metrics for improving patient safety and outcomes. Licensed in Pennsylvania as a Registered Nurse, she has a Master of Science degree in Nursing Informatics and a Bachelor of Science degree in Nursing. Prior to her clinical informatics work, she had more than 25 years of experience in clinical nursing and staff development.

Allison Peel, DC, MHA, MPH, PMP
Director, Clinical Quality Measures

Dr. Peel brings 15 years of clinical, measure development, and measure maintenance experience to her role at HSAG. She served as the primary point of contact on the MACRA Cooperative Agreement Technical Assistance (CATA) task order, successfully launching CMS’s initial support project for recipient measure developers. In this role, she directed a team of measure experts who identified and tailored support for recipients as they developed a variety of measures, including patient-reported outcome performance measures and electronic clinical quality measures. Previously Dr. Peel directed the measure implementation help desk team for the CMS Physician Quality Reporting System (PQRS) and Electronic Prescribing program. She has extensive experience with development of educational products related to quality measures, including presentations, frequently asked questions, fact sheets, and guidance documents. She regularly reviews recipient progress reports and measure development products, providing recommendations regarding best practices for both measure development and project success. She has led clinical analytics teams supporting CMS on physician quality measures since the inception of the national physician-based quality measures program in 2007. She led the teams that maintained over 300 measure specifications for the national program, creating multiple versions of measure specifications, implementation, and other educational materials specific to understanding the measures, the program, and multiple data submission methods. Dr. Peel has participated on expert panels with CMS and the National Quality Forum (NQF) to improve measure development. Her experience includes supporting information-gathering activities; providing clinical subject matter expertise through implementation of quality measures; facilitation of collaborative ad hoc analyses; and drafting responses to support CMS in rulemaking specific to quality measures and program rules. Her 15 years of clinical experience began as an owner and chiropractic physician. She developed quality assurance/control programs for clinicians in radiology and radiation safety and oversaw operations for internal medicine, physical therapy, mental health, and chiropractic services. Dr. Peel received a Doctor of Chiropractic degree from Palmer College of Chiropractic, where she also completed a radiology residence. She holds Master’s degrees in Public Health and Healthcare Administration from Des Moines (Iowa) University and is certified as a Project Management Professional and as an Administrator in Physician Practice Management.

Michelle Pleasant, PhD
Associate Director

Dr. Pleasant has served as a researcher on the Impact Assessment of CMS Quality and Efficiency Measures contract for the past three years. Currently as Associate Director, she leads the CMS Quality Measure Development Plan (MDP) project. In her previous role, she outlined, co-authored, and supported federal clearance of the MDP Annual Report, synthesizing information gathered from federal rules, measure stewards, and collaborations with CMS project and measure leads. In support of the CMS Quality Measure Index (QMI) Project, she led the development of testing plans, testing summaries, and a draft methodology report. Dr. Pleasant has conducted literature reviews and environmental scans to support clinical quality measure development and assessment for both the MDP and QMI projects. She also informed the development of qualitative interview questions to engage and learn from Medicare and Medicaid beneficiaries about their recent healthcare experiences. In her previous research focused on vulnerable populations (including older adults with dementia, residents of nursing homes, and persons taking antipsychotic medications), Dr. Pleasant led the study design, data collection, analysis, and application for IRB approval. She conducted and published multiple studies, including a systematic review and assessment of dementia caregiver training and a qualitative study using content theme analysis methodology. Dr. Pleasant holds a doctorate in Aging Studies and a Master of Arts degree in Gerontology from the University of South Florida. She also has a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology and Religion from Florida State University.

Tsu-Hsuan “Sherry” Yang, PharmD
Clinical Pharmacist Researcher and Program Manager

Dr. Yang provides project management and clinical expertise to HSAG on CMS contracts and serves as an investigator for research projects focusing on medication safety. Currently she is leading a 26-month study to develop a risk-prediction model using administrative claims data to assess bleeding risk for patients taking anticoagulants. This research is funded by the Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation. Dr. Yang was the principal investigator for two research projects for the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, each aimed at developing and validating diagnosis code algorithms for potential use in adverse drug event surveillance and quality improvement initiatives. The first study produced an ICD-10 diagnosis code algorithm for identifying bleeding events associated with outpatient anticoagulant exposure; the second study validated diagnosis codes for identifying hypoglycemic events associated with the use of diabetes agents. As a program manager, she also assists in evaluating research funding opportunities, preparing research proposals, and resource planning. Dr. Yang previously oversaw daily operations of CMS measure development and maintenance projects. As Project Director, she oversaw data analysis, subcontractor activities, technical expert panel deliberations, and measure development and maintenance. She was involved in the maintenance of clinical algorithms and technical specifications for measures. She is a Registered Pharmacist in Florida and North Carolina. She graduated from the University of North Carolina PharmD program and holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Biochemistry from North Carolina State University. She completed a two-year fellowship at the University of Florida College of Pharmacy, focusing on medication therapy management program evaluation and outcome research.