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The teach-back method, also called the "show me" method, is a communication confirmation method used by healthcare providers to confirm whether a patient (or caretaker) understands what is being explained to them. If a patient understands, they are able to "teach-back" the information accurately. Tools and resources are provided here to help providers develop and track teach-back methods.

Teach-Back Infographic

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Always Use Teach-Back

The purpose of this training toolkit "Always Use Teach-Back," found at, is to help healthcare providers learn to use teach-back to support patients and families throughout the care continuum, especially during transitions between healthcare settings. The toolkit combines health literacy principles of plain language and using teach-back to confirm understanding, with behavior change principles of coaching to new habits and adapting systems to promote consistent use of key practices.

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Always Use Teach-Back 10 Elements of Competency for Using Teach-Back Effectively

Part of the "Always Use Teach-Back" toolkit, this sheet give pointers on effective teach-back communication.

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Always Use Teach-Back Observation Tool

Part of "Always Use Teach-Back," this tool offers a checklist to help care team members in how they use the teach-back method with patients.

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Coaching to Always Use Teach-Back

Part of the "Always Use Teach-Back" toolkit, you will find tips and tools to help managers and supervisors empower staff members with coaching tips, observation tools, a confidence scale, and examples of how to build teach-back into standard practices and policies.

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Interactive Teach-Back Learning Module

This two-part learning module, part of the "Always Use Teach-Back" toolkit, describes teach-back and demonstrates its effectiveness to improve patient-provider communication.

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Teach-Back Readings, Resources, and Video

These resources, part of the "Always Use Teach-Back" toolkit, help the provider learn more about health literacy and teach-back.

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Teach-Back: Intervention

Teach-back is a technique for health care providers to ensure that they have explained medical information clearly so that patients and their families understand what is communicated to them. This intervention includes several materials to support adoption.

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What Is Teach-Back

This video, from the Institute for Healthcare Improvement, explains the purpose of Teach-Back and discusses the most important thing to keep in mind when using it with patients. 

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