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Immunization Month

Nurse Talking with Senior Patient Provider in Home with Senior Patients

Nurse and patientHSAG invites healthcare providers to join us in promoting National Immunization Awareness Month. Download the resources in the Immunization Awareness Toolkit and help spread the word.

Let’s improve immunization awareness together!

Immunization Awareness Toolkit

Adult Healthcare Personnel Vaccination Recommendations

Review recommended healthcare personnel vaccines to ensure everyone on staff has what they need by referring to the Immunization Action Coalition (IAC) flyer.

Adult Vaccine Schedule

Talk to your patients and see if they are up to date on their immunizations by using the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) Adult Vaccine Schedule.

Adult Vaccine Schedule for Patients with Diabetes

See which vaccines are important for someone with diabetes by referring to these IAC flyers (English / Spanish).

Adult Vaccine Quiz

Encourage your patients to take the CDC Adult Vaccine Quiz to determine the vaccines they need.

Influenza Training from the CDC

Have your healthcare team take-this on-demand, web-based training while earning continuing education credit. This training presents core knowledge about immunization and is designed for immunization providers. The web training focuses on describing influenza, the groups at greatest risk, to whom immunization is recommended, the characteristics of influenza vaccine, local resources to current immunization practice, and other information used to determine the need for immunization.

Medicare Part B Immunization Billing Educational Tool

Access an educational tool from Medicare to learn about administration and diagnosis codes, vaccine codes and descriptors, along with general FAQs.

Handouts for Patients with Chronic Conditions

Use these CDC handouts for patients, each addressing a specific chronic condition:

Handout for Older Adult Patients About Shingles

Inform your patients about shingles using this CDC handout to address common questions about shingles and how vaccination provides protection.

Flyers/Posters for Older Adult Patients About Shingles

The CDC has developed flyers and posters encouraging older adults to protect their health by getting vaccinated.

  • "I watched my sister suffer with shingles; that's why I made sure to get vaccinated."
  • "I want to protect my health, so I am getting the vaccines recommended for me."

Video Promoting Vaccines for Older Adults

Promote immunization awareness among your patients using this brief animated film, Our Best Shot, from the Alliance for Aging Research that encourages older adults to lead their families in vaccination by getting their recommended vaccines while asking others to do so as well. The video shows how vaccines work, explains their benefit later in life, and supports patient-to-doctor communication.

Remember to Take 3

Add this animated image to your website to show patients three ways to fight flu this season.

Remember to Take 3 actions to fight flu this season

Immunization Graphics

Download and share these graphics on social media to promote immunization awareness and best practices for disease prevention:

CDC Flu Fact—Download this 1024 x 521 pixel image.


I Won't Spread the Flu—Download this 435 x 326 pixel image.


For additional flyers on immunization information directed to older patients, visit the Get Shots to Protect Your Health section of


Be a role model for your patients!

Demonstrate proper hand washing behavior to your patients as you emphasize its role to keep them healthy during flu season.

Use the following resources to help keep your hands clean and patients safe from infection.

Be sure to visit for more information and resources on this important collaboration.