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Nursing Home

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Quality Assurance & Performance Improvement (QAPI)

QAPI Homepage

The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services homepage for QAPI programs, which are critical to improving the quality of life, and quality of care and services delivered in nursing homes.

QAPI At A Glance

This Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services step-by-step guide explains how to implement QAPI in nursing homes.

Quality Measure Composite Score

Viewing Your QM Trend Graphs Through the NNHQIC Website

This handout provides simple instructions on how to view your QM trend graphs through the NNHQIC website.

Individual Nursing Home Antipsychotic Medication Reduction Targets

This handout provides information on nursing home antipsychotic medication reduction targets, what they mean, steps that need to be taken, setting your targets, and more.

Antipsychotic Medication

Antipsychotic Reduction Tool

This tool will provide you with step-by-step instructions for prioritizing antipsychotic reduction efforts with residents in your facility.

Avoiding Unnecessary Antipsychotic Use Infographic

This infographic outlines the five steps to avoid unnecessary antipsychotics from the National Nursing Home Quality Care Collaborative (NNHQCC) Change Package.

Care Coordination

Accessing Official Rehospitalization Data Tip Sheet

This tip sheet will show you how to view your official rehospitalization data by accessing your Certification and Survey Provider Enhanced Reports (CASPER) Confidential Feedback Report.

CMS' SNF Adverse Drug Event Trigger Tool

This tool was created by CMS as a resource document for SNFs containing necessary information for evaluating high risk medications/prevent unnecessary admissions or readmissions. It was designed to be a crosswalk that lists common potentially preventable ADEs, risk factors, triggers, and probes.

General Health Issues

Advancing Excellence

Advancing Excellence is working to make nursing homes better places to live, work, and visit.

Improved Pain Management in Skilled Nursing Facilities

An examination of the nature and adverse effects of pain and guidelines for improved pain management for nursing home residents.

Mental Health

Advanced Directive

A directive that provides information to caregivers regarding how the individual has preferred to perform ADLs, sleep preferences, hobbies, former occupation(s).

Dementia Oversight Team.Care Options Meeting (DOT.COM) Overview

A fact sheet about how DOT.COM can help address need-driven behaviors in nursing home residents with dementia.


The Falls Management Program

This website provides access and links to free educational materials that you can use when training your staff and working with your residents and families to reduce falls and physical restraints.

Prevention of Falls in Older Persons

A clinical practice guideline that provides evidence based assessment strategies and interventions to prevent falls occurring in older adults in the community and long-term care setting.

Nursing Home Training Sessions

Nursing Home Training Sessions (NHTS) Introduction

This site is an introduction to a set of training sessions aimed to provide nursing home leaders with training materials that can be used to enhance understanding of important concepts and practices that promote stewardship and C. difficile prevention, and provide information, tools, and resources...

Session 1: TeamSTEPPSĀ® in LTC: Communication Strategies to Promote Quality and Safety

This session is one of a series of six sessions for nursing homes to support implementation of principles and practices of antibiotic stewarship and prevention and management of C. difficile infections.

Physical Restraints

Physical Restraints Success Story

South Tampa Health and Rehabilitation Center shares their story about eliminating restraints at their facility.

Case Study: Nursing Home Alarm Elimination Program

A three-page case study that summarizes an intervention used to eliminate the use of personal alarms on residents while also reducing falls.

Pressure Ulcers

Faciltiy Acquired Pressure Ulcer Investigation Form

This handout can be utilized to help identify the root cause for the development of a specific resident's pressure ulcer and help identify opportunities for preventing pressure ulcers going forward.

AHRQ Pressure Ulcer Assessment

An Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality form for documenting all wound characteristics as well as information on wound treatment and prevention.


Healthcare Staff Immunization Flyer

This flyer is designed for healthcare organization leaders and focuses on strategies to encourage immunizations among staff members in healthcare settings.

Long-Term Care Staff Immunization Flyer

This flyer is designed for healthcare organization leaders and focuses on strategies to encourage immunizations among staff members in long-term care settings.

Facility Assessment Tool

Facility Assessment Tool Template

This is an optional template provided for nursing facilities, and if used, it may be modified. Each facility has flexibility to decide the best way to comply with this requirement.


Resources to Support Incontinence Management for Residents Living in Nursing Homes

This is a resources list for incontinence management. This document provides a list of resources to support incontinence management for residents living in nursing homes. (updated 7/30/2017)

Infection Control

Prevent and Manage Infections Safely: C. difficile Probing Questions

This handout provides probing questions to aid in safely preventing and managing C. difficile infections.

NNHQIC CDI and AS Resources

This National Nursing Home Quality Improvement Campaign (NNHQIC) website is a repository of Clostridium difficile and antibiotic stewardship resources.

All-Cause Harm Prevention

Change Package: All-Cause Harm Prevention in Nursing Homes

This Change Package aims to serve as a key resource to prevent harm (adverse events, abuse, and neglect) and improve quality of life through safer care for nursing home residents across the country.