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The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS), through the Medicare Administrative Contractors (MACs), recently mailed letters to all Medicare Fee-For-Service providers about its work to assign new numbers (known as Medicare Beneficiary Identifiers or MBIs) and issue new Medicare cards to all people with Medicare beginning in April 2018.

CMS has its top priorities to make sure:

  • Medicare patients have continuous access to care.
  • That providers have the tools and information they need for a smooth transition. Starting in June 2018, providers can look up their patients’ new Medicare numbers through their MAC’s secure web portal.

Carefully review the letter and accompanying fact sheet and find out how to prepare as a provider to accept the new number beginning in April 2018. Your provider letter will contain specific information for your MAC. You can also view a sample letter and print-friendly fact sheet.

CMS also recently unveiled the new Medicare card design and issued a press release with more information about the project.