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Helping Your Heart Lowers Your Risk of Dementia

Medical Team Medical Team Looking at Xray

A study published in the Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA) of more than 6,600 senior citizens conducted across 8.5 years found that for subjects with good cardiovascular health their risk of dementia was dramatically reduced. The researchers relied on the seven metrics of cardiovascular health (American Heart Association’s [AHA’s] Life’s Simple 7). They looked at diet and exercise, BMI, and blood pressure. They gave study subjects a score of poor, intermediate, or optimal based on the AHA metrics.  Subjects with the poorest scores developed dementia at a rate of 13.3 cases per 100 people, as compared to people with optimal scores who developed dementia at a rate of 7.1 cases per 100 people. Read the details at the Los Angeles Times article.