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Patient Satisfaction


5 Straightforward Ways to Improve Patient Satisfaction in Hospitals

Written by an internal medicine physician, this short list is practical in its approach to offer advice on improving patient satisfaction. From spending time with doctors/nurses to being clear about wait times, this is what could be characterized as low-hanging fruit for high impact targeting.

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9 Patient Experience and Satisfaction Secrets for Hospitals and Healthcare

This article simplifies the large and small items that hospitals should concentrate on when improving the patient experience. One of the more compelling advisories is to “experience your care as patients do.” Everything from signage to parking and filling out forms becomes an eye-opener when seen from that vantage point.

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Achieving Patient-Centered Care Across the Spectrum

A news article summarizes research findings that improved self-management, patient satisfaction, and medication adherence are improved by patient-centered care. A study from the Annals of Family Medicine found that shared decision making is best suited for making difficult treatment decisions, while motivational interviewing is better for encouraging behavior changes in patients.

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Doctors' People Skills Affects Patients' Health

A news article summarizes research involving a review of 13 clinical trials, where investigators determined when doctors were trained to improve their "people skills," their patients typically did better in losing weight, lowering blood pressure, or managing pain.

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