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HSAG Selected as a Recipient of QIN-QIO Task Order 1 Award under the 12th Statement of Work

Tuesday, November 26, 2019

Phoenix—On November 8, 2019, the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) awarded a five-year contract to Health Services Advisory Group (HSAG) to serve as a Quality Innovation Network–Quality Improvement Organization (QIN-QIO) under the recently launched 12th Statement of Work.

QIN-QIOs serving under the 12th Statement of Work will provide targeted assistance to nursing homes and communities in small and rural practices, those serving the most vulnerable populations, and those in need of customized quality improvement. Through this body of work, CMS is focusing on results, protecting taxpayer dollars, and most importantly, ensuring the safety and quality of care delivered to every beneficiary.

HSAG will serve as the QIN-QIO in Arizona and California.

“HSAG will continue its relentless efforts to drive specific results-oriented quality improvement efforts for Medicare beneficiaries,” said Dr. Mary Ellen Dalton, HSAG President and CEO. “HSAG will continue to partner with key stakeholders, providers, patients, families, and caregivers to increase healthcare system performance and at the same time reduce provider burden.”

DownloadHSAG will be responsible for improving quality in poor-performing nursing homes, as well as small and rural communities and those serving vulnerable populations by:

  • Improving Behavioral Health Outcomes—Including Opioid Misuse.
  • Increasing Patient Safety.
  • Increasing Chronic Disease Self-Management.
  • Increasing the Quality of Care Transitions.
  • Improving Nursing Home Quality.

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For more information on the Quality Innovation Networks-Quality Improvement Organizations, please visit