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Heart Health

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Want to manage your heart health online?

My Life CheckTM helps you understand your current level of heart health, assess your individual health needs, commit to steps to help you improve your health and quality of life, and move closer to your health goals.

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Is aspirin therapy right for you?

You may want to talk to your doctor about using daily low-dose aspirin as a way of lowering your risk of heart disease. The American Heart Association and Harvard Health Publications both discuss the pros and cons of this approach.

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Do you know your ABCS?

"ABCS" stands for aspirin therapy, blood pressure control, cholesterol control, and quitting smoking. These four things are a dynamite combination of good heart health.

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Interested in heart healthy recipes?

Check out the Million Hearts® program's recipes, articles, and meal plans for better heart health.

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Are you at risk for a heart attack?

Discuss the American Heart Association's heart attack risk assessment calculator with your doctor to help you discover your 10-year risk of getting a heart attack or dying from heart disease, and what you can do about it.

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Interested in general heart health advice and tools?

The American Heart Association provides information on heart disease. Find tips to improve your heart health and ways for preventing heart disease. 

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has introduced its Move Your Way campaign which describes its physical activity guidelines in easy-to-understand language.

Join the Surgeon General's Step It Up! campaign that encourages communities to walk.